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Now is the time to purchase the new 2010 RSP calendar. 

We are happy to provide you with a product to help you
manage todays most precious commodityyour time.

We appreciate you purchasing this calendar and we hope
this product makes your life planning just a bit easier.

Best wishes for a successful year!

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Sale Price:    $11.99

Mami Horie



Mami Horie is a singer, conductor, pianist, composer
and record producer who was one of the co-founders
of Cab Records. Cab Records was very well known for
releasing award winning artists and titles. It is no wonder
then, that Horie's debut album, "Again," is a collector's gem.
The artist has
an amazing flair when it comes to singing pop
classics and she definitely holds her own with the boys such
as Michael Buble and Harry Connick.

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