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by Robert Speed

Sometimes, a film just reaches out and grabs you. This was the case for me with Grace Rowe's, I AM THAT GIRL. Though it has been out for awhile it definitely worth seeing again. I AM THAT GIRL is a film that is guaranteed to have you laughing in one section and crying in another. The story centers on Maxine Lee, an Asian American who tries to live the American dream, funded by her credit cards. Lee's antics tell us that she has no thought as to future consequences of her actions. By day, she works as a disgruntled office worker for ten dollars an hour; by night, she transforms into the ultimate party girl, scouring Los Angeles for the next hot spot.

At one of these nightclubs in a bathroom Maxine meets a guy named Noodle. Through Noodle and his hiking plans Maxine will come to grips with many things in her life some for the worst and some for the better. Ultimately, she will awaken to find out what is really important in life with many unexpected experiences and feelings that will change her life forever.

It is also worth note that both Grace Rowe and Michael Jaworski exemplify some very compelling acting in this film.

I highly recommend that you find and see this film.


Director: B. Hayward Randall, Producer: Grace Rowe, Writer: Grace Rowe

News From Australia 


It has been over 15 years since James and Tania have released an entire album. 

In mid 2017, James completed a four week trip to Stockholm to write and record with Tania. 

These sessions produced and outstanding album covering some moving musical ground.

This single,'Speak' deals with issues of unspoken anguish such as: sexual harassment, bullying, gender equality, and mental health.

Bachelor Girl's single encourages that a personal unburdening of a deeply hidden, unspoken pain will bring a healing process to both the individual and all of us in society.  

Check out their new video below (Copy link into your browser)

Distributed by Xelon Entertainment 






REMAIN, is a band from Denton,Texas. They take their name from its meaning; to persevere.

The band's new track Millennial Nation addresses real issues and challenges 
listeners to search for love of all man kind in their lyrics.

Described as being on a mission of truth and having powerful poetic rock that 
produces both lighthearted jams and anthem-like songs; this band is the real deal. 

REMAIN has also been picked up by Bongo Boy Records for their new track.

Welcome REMAIN.



by Robert Speed

       ("Eliana" - Meaning "My God Has Answered" - Oil)

There is a special feeling you get when you look at wonderful work of art. Debra Terrio's art gives you that feeling. For this reason we have chosen to touch base with this artist and find out her story.   

RSP Spotlight: As an artist what moves you to create? 

Debra Terrio: It varies in terms of subject matter, but usually something I see or hear elicits an emotional response. Sometimes it grows out of a feeling of angst or anxiety, at other times it's triggered by joyfulness. If I am doing a portrait, it comes from my impression of what is present within the person, the essence. Ultimately, for me, there is an internal drive, a passion to create. In a sense, I can't NOT create works of art.  

RSP Spotlight: How long have you been working in the arts?

Debra Terrio: I have been an artist since I was a child growing up in Minnesota. One day, when I was about 8 years old I painted my arms and legs with maple wood stain, because I was fascinated by the people of color I saw on TV, and I wanted to see how I would look if I had darker skin. Interestingly, I had never seen a person of color at that point. That didn't occur until I was about 10 years old. Before I even began first grade, one of my older sisters, Annette, taught me how to draw women. I loved to draw those models, career women, and mothers on the chalkboard. My Mom wanted me to be a nurse, and although I wanted to be an artist and art teacher, I was an obdient child. I became a registered nurse, and later a nurse practitioner. But when I retired in 1995, I went back to school for art. It is never too late to follow your passion. Since, moving to Florida, that passion has gained momentum. I enjoy my work creating art, and teaching others more than ever.

RSP Spotlight: Regarding mediums are there any particular favorites? 

Debra Terrio: I think my favorite is portraitures. There is something about capturing the person's essence and sharing it with the world that is so satisfying. This includes portraits of animals as well as people. However, my favorite medium is acrylic. I particularly like using a thickening medium, and creating a textured piece. I rarely do that in a portrait, however it is more often done in a creation of landscapes, florals, and other nature scapes. I love feeling and seeing the texture. 

RSP Spotlight: What about teaching art makes you smile?

Debra Terrio: It's that AHA MOMENT when I have the blessing to share with a student as they realize that they can actually create a work of art. That moment when they discover their INNER ARTIST! YESSSSSSS!!! That is an absolute thrill for both of us. 

RSP Spotlight: What would you like to tell an aspiring artist? 

Debra Terrio: I always tell my students that there are no mistakes. If we don't like what we see, we make adjustments, That frees us up to create without fear of failure. Mistakes only occur if there is something that we want to change, and we do not want to make the adjustment. This way of looking at making adjustments applies to life. If something doesn't work out, make an adjustment and move forward. So, just allow yourself to be expressive without fear.

For further information contact: Terrio Art Design, Port St. Lucie, Florida.




Hard Rock


by Robert Speed

I have listened to allot of hard rock over the years and have performed it myself. So, I know when a band has what it takes. City Of Thieves is rock in your face.  It indeed, is no frills, no gimmicks, and heavy rock at its finest.

The band consists if Jamie Lailey, bass and lead vocals; Will Richards, drums; and Ben Austwick, guitars. Ben plays guitar the way you are supposed too with serious licks and creative solos.  You will not find a guitar solo following a verse vocal here. This man plays and so do the rest of the the members. Vocals are what they should be and so this is an enjoyable heavy rock treat

Says Jamie, "We knew what we wanted to do , we could have released a ton of material out of the gate, producer Toby Jepson took what we had and refined. I'm glad we sat back and digested things with him, it was a major turning point for the band."

Mike Frazer on mixing duties and mastering by Simon Francis (Kodaline, Kaiser Chiefs, Primal Scream) focused the vision of this new material.  When asked what he thought about City Of Thieves Fraser simply replied "Killer band...Killer Songs".

City Of Thieves will be released soon in October 2018 on Frontiers Music. 

Frontiers Music s.r.l.

RELEASEOctober 2018



The music of Dark Rouge Park combines a classic electronic SynthPop sound with thought-provoking lyrics and unique vocal styling. The lyrics focus on the reality and sadness in life while promoting survival and coping.

 Parallel World addresses topics you dont always hear discussed in other music, and they do so in such a deep, meaningful way, describes one fan after hearing the album. The music stays with you long after the songs are over.

Even though, Dark Rouge Park formed in 2012, the band members have been on stage for 20+ years individually.

Thomas Sathmari's first work, called Space Project was released in the early 90's, followed by the second album, called "Space Project II". 

Thomas was a member of another band, called "Car Wreckers", and in the 2000's he was the songwriter, producer and keyboardist a special group, called MOTIVA. 

This band plays classical Hungarian Folk songs, but the music is electronic/synthpop while the feeling and the overall voice follows the traditional Hungarian Folk.

Janos Karsky started his musician career as a Club DJ in various places, followed by a 2 year Radio DJ era. He started to work on the earlier song's of Dark Rouge Park alone as a solo musician. He wrote instrumental songs under name Dark Light Shadow. 

Edina Simon, the front person and the singer of the band has a very long musician and on-stage experience. She worked together with a lots of popular European and Hungarian bands as background vocalist, including a well known Eurodance group, called Groovehouse, and a Pink Floyd tribute band, called "Keep Floyding". 

Dark Rouge Park finally formed in 2012, when Thomas and Janos started to work together. Edina finally joined to the group in 2013 and they soon finished their first song, called Let Me Go.

Now, the group has a video playing on over 60 TV Stations in the U.S. called, "Cyber Date." The screenplay was written by Chris Cunningham who made Madonna's video, "Frozen." The band is also part of Bongo Boy Records out of New Jersey.


Bachelor Girl's Tania Doko 

Bachelor Girl was an Australian pop band, formed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1992 that consisted of singer/songwriter Tania Doko and writer/instrumentalist James Roche.

The band formed in 1992 when songwriter and record producer James Roche met vocalist Tania Doko. Roche was creating a demo tape of a song he wrote for an Australian girl group, Girlfriend, and when his original singer canceled, he recruited Doko. The duo began writing and recording and started and put together a demo CD and performed several Melbourne showcases looking for a record deal and found a deal with Gotham Records in 1997, after Sony rejected them.

In 1998 Bachelor Girl's debut single, "Buses and Trains," was not only an Australian smash but an International hit as well. The song-writing chemistry between Tania and James was explosive and their double platinum-selling debut, "Waiting For The Day" won them the 1998 ARIA for Best Producer. In 1999, with 4 ARIA Award nominations and the APRA Award for Song of The Year & PPCA most played song on Australian radio (Buses & Trains), Bachelor Girl rode high on the airwaves and the charts as their debut release spawned five smash hit singles including "Buses and Trains," "Treat Me Good" and the anthemic Australian classic "Permission To Shine".

Bachelor Girl's second album was called Dysfunctional (2002). A release which would include the featured hits "I'm Just a Girl" & "Drowning Not Waving".

The band split in 2003 after the release of their second album proved less successful. A third album was recorded, though not released (A track from that album is available on Tania Doko's EP "To Whom it May Concern").

In 2004 Tania was asked to participate in a judge/mentor role on Channel 7's "Popstars" the Australian Idol. Later in 2006 the artist's singing/acting talents landed her a role in "SERIOUSLY, the Pet Shop Boys Reinterpreted," a production that would take her to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her performances there garnered the artist rave reviews and endorsements from many people including the Pet Shop Boys themselves.


Constantly writing, recording, and performing Tania put together a new album and a new electro rock band called SHE SAID YES (SSY). Securing the support for the Darren Hayes national tour October 2007, SHE SAID YES released their critically acclaimed debut independent EP to coincide with the tour.


Tania produced an acoustic EP in 2008, which consisted of past hit Bachelor Girl releases and current SSY tunes unplugged. The acoustic installment was released to coincide with the highly successful 2008 national tour "Let's Get Together". A tour which included Tania, Jon Stevens, Ian Moss and Jack Jones aka Irwin Thomas.


The first part of 2009 found Tania and DJ Darren Glen collaborating and completing the track "Curious". Tania's powerful vocals can also be heard as she performs with The Veronicas on the single, "Don't Say Goodbye" (Featuring Tania Doko).


Currently, Tania is still busy working on music and new projects.  She is certainly one of my favorite vocalists.





by Robert Speed

Linda Purl is one of my favorite actresses. She is an amazing stage, movie and television dynamo who is well known for her roles on "Happy Days" as Ashley Pfister,"Matlock" (Charlene Matlock), "Robin Hoods" (Brett Robin), "The Office" Spirit," (Barbara Fornum)  and most recently "Designated Survivor (Julia Rombauer). 

She returns to North Coast Rep with her one-woman show. This play is a tribute to an extraordinary marriage and a love letter to Didion's daughter. "The Year of Magical Thinking",  based on Joan Didion's National Book Award-winning memoir, is a show that will take you on a remarkable journey of loss; while showing you the ultimate triumph of the human spirit. 

November 12th and 13th, 2018 @ 7:30pm.  

My you are in for a treat! #LindaPurl

For further information contact: North Coast Rep - Nancy Richards - 858-481-2155 Ext. 22.


Robert Speed Productions is very excited to announce their artists 

Remain and Dark Rouge Park. 

Tania Doko has been touring in Australia doing a few tour dates with famed Bachelor Girl.

Mami Horie is an artist with a CD, entitled "Again." This music is very and will take you back to the days of Frank, Dean, Sammy and Tony Bennett as well.

You can visit RSP Retail and listen to Poleshift and Mami. 


So, keep visiting our magazine we welcome you .



I heard Annie McCue's, "Fall Through The Cracks," single last week and was really floored by the beautiful feel of the music and the wonderful vocals of Annie. The artist has collaborated with the producer Josh Grange on this original work so the match was magical. Says McCue, "I ran into Josh at The Family Walsh last year. The last time I had seen him he was playing pedal steel and keys with k.d. lang at The Ryman. I also remember 
seeing him playing maracas with Dwight Yoakam at The Wiltern Theatre. He's kind of a 'Zelig' of Americana music, I guess."

McCue visited Josh Granges's 'Resistor' studio near Music Row, Nashville. " I played Josh a song I had written with David Olney and John Hadley.  He suggested I put in a B flat chord and we were off and running. Josh became a co-writer, producer, and co-conspirator in a matter of minutes," says McCue.

Anne has been producing other artists including Scott Miller (The V-Roys), Emma Swift and Ellen Starski. McCue has been touring with Scott Miller as lead guitarist as well. 

The new single, "Fall Through The Cracks," was released on Flying Machine Records. 

Buy this single it is well worth the money.



by Robert Speed

North Coast Repertory Theatre in Solana Beach, CA. is launching season 37. The lineup will also include two West Coast premieres and one World premiere.


I have got to mention to readers if you have not attended a performance at The North Coast Rep you are certainly in for a treat. 


David Ellenstein the artistic director has selected plays that are intimate, heartfelt and entertaining. States David, "We have chosen to present stories that appeal not only to our loyal subscribers, but to a broad spectrum of theatre-goers throughout the country." 

As for this reviewer I can truly vouch for past productions being extremely good and entertaining. I am very certain that you are going to enjoy productions here old or new.


Here is a brief overview of the upcoming season. Stay tuned here by the way, for detailed information and production reviews as they occur.

First up, is Noel Coward's BLITHE SPIRIT directed by Rosina Reynolds and running, from September 5 through September 30, 2018.  

Next is the West Coast premiere, HOLMES & WATSON directed by Artistic Director David Ellenstein.  Runs from October 17 through November 11, 2018. 

2019 brings, MOON OVER BUFFALO directed by Matthew Wiener and runs from January 9 through February 3, 2019. 


The West Coast premiere of GABRIEL takes the stage from February 20 through March 17, and is directed by Christopher Williams. I can tell you this play is also a New York Times Critic's Pick.


Next up, Off - Broadway's hit, ALL IN THE TIMING, directed by David Ellenstein runs from April 10 through May 5, 2019.


Here are a few more plays worthy to note. Lee Blessing's, A WALK IN THE WOODS  Directed by Richard Baird, which runs May 29 through June 23, 2019; and let us not forget The World premiere of ANOTHER ROLL OF THE DICE.  What makes this productions special? Quite simply, it is the reuniting of Frank Loesser, songwriter and author Damon Runyon. They are the creators of the legendary Broadway musical Guys and Dolls.  

Now if all that does not excite you, then nothing will.

For further information contact: Nancy Richards, 858-481-2155 ext. 220


For tickets: Call 858-481-1055 or online -

North Coast Repertory Theatre  - 987 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Dine In Dine Out


Have you ever had a craving for cookies but did not want slice and bake or store bought? 


Well I have found a solution and I would like to share it with you.  I looked through several recipes, added my own touches and came up with a delicious and fast way to make sugar cookies.    



3/4 cup vegetable oil

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

(I prefer the taste of real vanilla; however it is more expensive, imitation can be used too.)

2 1/2 cups flour

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

3/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Sift flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg; set aside.  Get out your little hand mixer and blend the sugar and vegetable oil in large mixing bowl until creamy, about 2 minutes.  Add the eggs and vanilla one at a time.  Add the sifted ingredients all at once. 

Grease your cookie sheet with butter or cooking spray. (I like the flavor of the butter myself.)    Using a teaspoon, form the dough (what's nice is you don't have to wait to chill this dough; you can start baking your cookies right away!)  into small balls by rolling in the palm of your hand.   Put about 1/2 cup of granulated sugar in a small bowl and roll the balls in the sugar; a few at a time.  Then place on cookie sheet.  For fun, dip a fork into the sugar, then mark the cookie with the fork. 

Bake for about 10 cookies so they are just lightly golden brown.  Let them cool a few minutes, then place on a cooling rack.  Makes about 5 dozen cookies. 

These cookies also make a great gift too! 


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